Wednesday, 2 November 2016

About Friday’s Mass Hack Attack


The distressing emails started coming in on Friday, October 21st like SOS signals from a sinking ship.

First, AWeber went down, stopping me from sending out newsletters and Trade Alerts.

Then Interactive Brokers crashed, making options price updates impossible.

Suddenly, Yahoo Mail wouldn’t take attachments.

Then Twitter went down.


What in the world was going on?

Was this a Soviet hack attack prior to a full scale nuclear strike?

Or was it the END OF THE WORLD?

Cyber security firms were baffled over how quickly and widespread the attack became. Many thought that this was the biggest such attack in Internet history.

I asked one my friends at security giant, Palo Alto Networks (NYSE:PANW), if it was the Russians again. He replied, “You better hope it’s the Russians.”

The implication being that the Internet may have launched the attack itself.

What made this attack so damaging was that it was focused on a single company, Manchester, NH based Dyn, one of several companies that host the Domain Name System (DNS), essentially a switchboard for the Internet.

DNS is what allows computers to speak to each other. No DNS, no Internet.

The other unusual aspect of this attack is that it was launched from millions of home appliances, like baby monitors, refrigerators and home security systems, instead of unsuspecting home computers. For the full article click here 

from cyber war desk

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