Saturday, 5 November 2016

Criminals Trying to Take an Entire Country Offline with Massive DDoS Attacks – Testing Cyber Weapons?

Cyber criminals are now using Mirai malware to take down the entire internet infrastructure of Liberia. The African nation was targeted by the same cyber weapon that caused the largest ever cyber attack of the history, just two weeks ago.

Mirai malware was used in October to launch a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that affected some of the world’s biggest online sites and services. The attack was launched using a growing network of infected internet-connected devices that sent 1.1Tbps traffic.

The source code was publicly released by a cybercriminal earlier in October, causing the East Coast cyber attack. Mirai malware is designed to scan for insecure IoT devices, using them to send massive amounts of traffic, causing service disruption.

Security experts had warned that the October DDoS attack was just a start of an expected onslaught of upcoming cyber attacks – of even larger scale. They believe that future DDoS attacks could reach to 10 Tbps traffic, enough to take down the internet infrastructure of an entire country. For the full article click here 

from cyber war desk

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